Are you a tourism provider?

Do you run or own a B&B, a cafe, a bicycle shop, restaurant or are you responsible for the BIKE TRAILS of your region? Are you a cycling association eager to discover more about the cyclotourism in your region? Or are you just interested in promoting cyclotourism in your region?

This educational platform offers a set of cases studies and resources to give you ideas, in order to improve your knowledge and competences, and help you to better understand cyclotourists needs and how to attract them with a set of training tools. The project aims at developing a set of learning tools for tourism providers, facilitating the development of cyclotourism and enhancement of local communities. The educational box provides a formal learning environment were learners will gain knowledge within the defined competences areas (Information and Communication Technologies, Networking, Product Management and Development, Promotion and Marketing) and will be able to internalize and synthesize this knowledge highlighting, analyzing and enhancing their business needs.

Here you can find four modules with two case studies each. The aim of the case studies is to illustrate an example of a small or micro company that is developing new business and facing key challenges to promote, manage and expand contacts. None of the case studies makes references to real companies, destinations and/or situations. What follows in each case studies have been crafted for the purposed of this platform.

We hope you find it useful and we welcome your feedback!


Learning Objectives


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