The goal of the project and the underpin of both the pedagogical model and the instructional design is related with the possibility of cross-fertilization and co-creation of tourism products. Therefore, the pedagogy, the learning experience and the tools designed (eEducational Box and eMarketing Platform) have been purposefully proposed to support this final overarching goal.

The supply side – eDucational Box – contains online materials to foster (i) integrated design cyclotourism products in order to take into account the cycling issue as well as cultural issues and tourism issues, (ii) hospitality issues related to cyclotourism, and (iii) strategy and tactics of online promotion and user generated contents management. The eEducational Box will train the supply side to create, promote and mange new bike tourism products; it will provide tourism industry with knowledge, skills and attitude through a series of cases studies and best practices. “This will enable tourism providers to define, create, and deploy new tourism products through the use of EuBike’s instruments.

In fact, the EuBikE project proposes to integrate skills of tourism providers and the informal competences of cyclotourist associations for development of cyclotourism products. This would result in several benefits:

  • Tourism providers will become more equipped to create products appealing to a growing community, which would increase their success in the market;
  • The informal competences of cycling associations will be recognized and used with potential to become employment qualifications;
  • New high quality cyclotourism products, adapted and appreciated by the emerging cyclotourist community, will be co-produced through knowledge integration of tourism providers and cycling associations.

To know more about the project and about its goal, please visit: www.eubike.bike 

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