Promotion & Marketing

This module will provide the supplier with the practical understanding of the relevant concepts to promote and market tourism products to the right target audience. It will be based on case studies and will equip businesses with a diagnostic tool and a set of calls for action.

Here you can find two case studies:

  • “Promoting Heritage to cyclo-tourists” – This case study intended to illustrate how a local heritage business in a countryside region faces the lack of marketing activities and consumer’s achievement. Given the limited budget for promotion the Into the Ancient Wild Company needs to be original and uses low cost (i.e. below the line) opportunities to promote the business, the tours and region.  Effective marketing and promotion is the key to market any business, especially when they are based on the countryside, away from mass tourists.
  • “Lulworth Cove, a prime HoteL & Restaurant” – This case study intended to evidence the main key challenges this family Hotel & Restaurant went through to achieve marketing effectiveness and promote their business.

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