Giralumbria Association


An association for bike-travellers and walking-travellers, to discover the region Umbria through slow and active tours of unusual paths and sites.


B&B Le Mat Perugia


A B&B in Perugia, franchisee of Le Mat social franchising in Europe, offering services for individual and family bike travellers


Ecobike Association


The goal of Ecobike Association is to develop a healthy and sustainable way of tourism, to promote the artistic, cultural and environmental excellences of the Umbria region by using one of the easiest ways of transportation with zero impact, the e-bike.


Regione Umbria


A regional public authority that is also responsible for the coordination of the Umbria Region’ activities in the field of “Agriculture, culture and tourism”.


Grifo Bike


A regional association that organizes Italian bike tours for its members.


Umbria by bike


A little society created by Francesco Pieri that has a strong cycling passion and deep knowledge about Umbria routes. He organizes cycling holidays in Umbria for all bike lovers.


Umbria & Bike


A regional consortium (127 different kind of enterprise, i.e. hotels and other services related to cyclotourism) that operate in order to promote the Umbria cyclotourism.


Testi cicli


A society that sells and rents new and used bicycles.


Artes srl


A private society that works in the tourism field, and has a deep experience in the tourism marketing.


Cilento Inside


A web tourism portal from a tour operator promoting tourism in the Cilento area  - a touristic area located in the south of Salerno


AICS Umbria


A local level of a national association that works in the field of sport and culture and it has different target groups (from young people to adults).




A Tourism Operators Association that works to promote the touristic area of Spoleto in Umbria.


Ciclofficina popolare di Porta Pesa


A non-profit association that offers space and tools to everybody to repair their own bike and shares' experience with others. Its mission is to stimulate the use of bicycles and reduce the environmental pollution. It counts around 80 members.


Rampichini group CAI 158


A cycloturism group that counts around 120 members.




A private association that rents electric bikes and offers different kinds of services, such as bicycle tour in order to discover the Umbria landscape






Teutoburger Wald Tourismus / OWL GmbH


The regional destination marketing organisation.


Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrradclub Kreis Lippe e.V.


A local biking-association which is forming part of the German Cycling Club. They are promoting biking as the most eco-friendly traffic mode; provide advice on bicycle issues, especially acquisition, technology and holidays. Among others they offer guided tours for free.


Gästehaus HAVERGOH Bad Meinberg


A small hotel (23 beds) that is certificated as a German Cycling Club bed and bike accomodation company friendly to bicycle. They offer bike and e-bike rental, transportation service and packaged tours.


Nahverkehrsbetrieb moBiel GmbHmoBiel


The leading mobility service provider in Bielefeld with relevance for the hole East-Westphalia- Lippe region. Provides local / urban public transport and special services for bikers like parking deck and boxes, repair store, bike and e-bike rental.


Gütersloh Marketing


A local destination marketing organisation.


Pro Wirtschaft Gütersloh


A local business development corporation, among others in charge of several bike trails like the EmsRadweg and the BahnRadRouten.


Kreis Herford


County administration. Provider of local infrastructure for biking like bike trails and sign-posting.


AUbE Tourismusberatung


Consultant for tourism in the frame of nature and landscape oriented sustainable tourism. Planning of offers for cycling, hiking and adventure.






Zukunftsraum Thayaland


An association of the municipalities of the district Waidhofen an der Thaya.  The purpose of the  association is to support sustainable, equitable and comprehensive regional development


Johann Mayer


Hotelier & Councilman Economy& Tourism & Biker

Jufa Waldviertel


Wallenberger & Linhard Regional Development organization


A regional development organization, supporting the implementation of learning and development processes in projects, enterprises, municipalities, regions, organizations.


Municipality Raabs a.d. Thaya


Mag. (FH) Rainer Miksche


Tourism & Destination Management & Bike Tour Guide


Jochen Lindner


Urban Planning division Lower Austria, Street Development

Projekt Manager Bike Trails Thaya & Biker


Gerhard Linhard


Regional Development Manager & Biker








The Swiss Bicycle Advocacy Association  - an independent non-profit organization with more than 30,000 members and a purpose to advocate and promote cycling for commuting, shopping and recreation. It is an umbrella organization and our 35 regional/local groups, which represent the interests of cyclists at federal and local level, and offers a variety of services.


Julien Fracheboud, Cyclotouriste


Julien “cyclotoured” in Denmark last summer and is a utilitarian biker. He is passionate about cycling in general and is very knowledgeable about this topic.




Local company offering guided tours in Geneva’s countryside. It also seeks to incite participants to adopt cycling as their primary mode of transportation and offers to teach participants about the bicycle’s general mechanic.


Aline Widmer, Cycliste


Aline is a utilitarian cyclist who has lived in Geneva for many years. She is highly motivated by the project and possesses local knowledge which could prove useful.








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