Project Partners





Superficie 8 is a company that offers a wide range of services as such: strategic planning, eMarketing and Territorial Marketing for Local Development, communication strategy design and consulting services aimed at improving organisational and human resources management. Moreover, Superficie 8 is accredited, by the Umbria Region, as training agency for higher education and vocational training since 2002. It offers a large catalogue of courses, organising and delivering training programs to promote the employment of young and unemployed citizens, and to qualify and retrain workers with specific projects, according to the logic of Active Labour market Policies.


Role in the project


S8 is the project applicant and it is responsible for the project operational management and the coordination of the partners activities, leasing with the European Commission. It is also responsible to develop the project communication strategy and guiding the overall dissemination of the project and its results. It contributes to the development of the training material for the staff, especially in the recognition of informal competence of cyclist associations which are not yet recognised as formal qualifications and therefore as employability skills.



Bournemouth University,



Bournemouth University is a modern and innovative institution with six distinctive Schools of study reflecting our emphasis on education as a pathway to professional success. Within the International Centre for Tourism and Hospitality Research (ICTHR – School of Tourism) the eTourism Lab explores cutting edge information and communication technologies, alongside e-based strategic management and marketing for the tourism and hospitality industries. The School has a long tradition of generating research output in the information technology and information systems field and the formation of the Lab demonstrates the university’s commitment to this field


Role in the project


BU is responsible for Innovative Training Method Elaboration creating the Instructional design, pedagogical approach and learning strategy that will populate the EuBikE ICT tools. BU will also lead content development in marketing and eMarketing contents. Besides, it is responsible, together with the University of Krems, for developing the competence framework of the cyclotourism innovators, with a specific focus on the recognition of the competences of cycling associations.



University of Krems,



The IMC Krems is a highly recognised management and tourism University of Applied Sciences in Austria and was founded in 1994. Over the past few years the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems has built up a strong international reputation and has now approximately 2,000 students from all over the world as well as 150 employees and full-time faculty. Full-time and part-time Bachelor and Master Degree programmes are offered in the following areas: Business Studies, Life Sciences, and Health Studies.


The international approach and employability are the University`s priorities, which is also reflected in the transnational programs in Azerbaijan, China, Ukraine and Vietnam. The core modules of the Tourism and Leisure Management Bachelor program include business administration, which provides a solid base for future management activities, languages, information and communication technologies as well as specialized tourism subjects such as Cultural Tourism or Sustainable Tourism Development.


Role in the project


IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems will contribute in several work packages: 1) the analysis with expertise and material with a particular attention on the identification of the competence framework (knowledge, skills and attitudes) needed for developing cyclotourism, 2) instruments and procedures for the recognition of hidden skills of the cyclists associations, 3) recommendations for the development of the ICT tools and environment. IMC know-how and experience in sustainable tourism will be integrated into WP5 “Piloting and validation”, which IMC coordinates, by delivering the two-steps training in the selected territories. In addition, IMC will be in charge of piloting in Austria.



Ecological Tourism in Europe,



The organization Ökologischer Tourismus in Europa (Ö.T.E.) e.V. (Ecological Tourism in Europe, ETE), founded in 1991 in Bonn, Germany, supports the development of sustainable tourism in both, Germany and Europe. Alone or in cooperation with partner organizations mainly from environmental sectors, ETE carries out model projects, often in protected areas and mountainous regions, designed to promote sustainable tourism as an element of sustainable regional development in Germany and other European countries. Capacity building and education represent two further key activities of ETE. In Central and Eastern Europe, ETE is active for more than 12 years and thus disposes of varied experiences on site.


Role in the project


The vast experience of ETE experts in providing training on sustainable tourism will support the University of Bournemouth to produce the training content of WP3. ETE will coordinate the work package 5  - Networking activities, in close cooperation with Zoï Environment Network and the other partners for developing the Exploitation Strategy, the Transferability Manual and the Project Manifesto, and ensure that project outcomes are widely spread among European target organizations and networks. The dissemination and knowledge sharing activities in WP6 will be supported by ETE throughout the project duration and beyond. ETE will lead the piloting in Germany and support piloting and testing of training components in other pilot areas.






Seed is a non-profit enterprise, with expertise in education, technologies, and international development. Seed is engaged in development and social projects, locally and internationally, and provides services to non profit organizations.

Seed reinvests profits for human capital development in developing countries in the area of communication and education technologies.


Role in the project


Seed leads the Work Package on operational ICT tools and environment development, aiming at developing three main artifacts: an e-learning multi-language platform (eDucational Box), an online marketing environment (eMarketing Social Platform) and its App version for promoting cyclotourism destinations. Seed will also provide technical support during the piloting, and technical expertise in the e-learning platform, and the training on the creation and use of the e-platform to the partners during the project meetings.



Zoi Environment Network,



Zoï is an international non-profit organization, with a clear mission: reveal, explain and communicate connections between the environment and society. Zoï is specialized in analyzing (“know”) and communicating (“tell”) frictions between the environment and society, and eventually contributing to resolve them (“act”).  Zoï designs creative information products for decision-making and provides assistance to local, regional and national authorities, corporations and individuals who are ready to find solutions to these complex environmental challenges. While the geographic focus of Zoï Environment Network is on Europe’s margins and its neighbours (the Balkans, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Caucasus and the Mediterranean), it strives to link regional and local issues to the global environmental agenda.The main office of Zoi is located in Geneva, Switzerland, but its consultants and affiliates are based in several European cities, including Vienna, Austria.


Role in the project


Zoï Environment Network is coordinating EuBike Dissemination activities, and as such is in charge of the graphic identity of the project, the website, the Newsletter, Flyers, and the Handbook, which will present the project methodology and outcomes. It also co-operates with ETE on networking aspects of the projects. Zoi will also lead the organization of the project networking meeting. Besides, Zoi is in charge of the project piloting in Switzerland.





Associate Partners




The association PRO VELO Geneva, with more than 1,700 members, promotes the development of a safe and effective cycling network. Through its events and publications, it encourages daily use of the bicycle in the city and the canton of Geneva as an environmentally friendly, healthy, fast, quiet, compact and cheap mode of transport.

PRO VELO Geneva has become a key player in the local scene for mobility on the technical, political and associative level.



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