The Austrian team took a couple of expert cycling teams for a ride from September to October 2015. The groups cycled about 40 km on the Thayarunde  - the name of the new emerging bike path, from Dobersberg to Slavonice (Czech Republic) and then back to Austria.








The German team started its testing in October 2015 on the Wittekindsroute, and like the other partners, received useful feedback on the project deliverables from the local experts.








The Italian EuBikers are attempting to test 3 cycling paths! The Assisi-Spoleto-Norcia route has been tested in November 2015 by the cyclists. In addition, workshops for cyclists and tourism providers have been conducted there and on the Grand Tour Terni path.








The Swiss team began testing its itinerary back in September 2015. Two cycling tours were organized in the outskirts of Geneva, in cooperation with three local partners. The latter happily hosted the team and discussions pertaining to the mobile application and the web platforms, both developed for the EuBike project, were initiated.



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