The Austrian team took a couple of expert cycling teams for a ride from September to October 2015. The groups cycled about 40 km on the Thayarunde  - the name of the new emerging bike path, from Dobersberg to Slavonice (Czech Republic) and then back to Austria.








The German team started its testing in October 2015 on the Wittekindsroute, and like the other partners, received useful feedback on the project deliverables from the local experts.




Regional Workshops with Supply Side

Herford and Bielefeld - March 1st and 2nd, 2016


On March 1st and 2nd project partner Ecological Tourism in Europa held two workshops in the cities of Herford and Bielefeld in the model region Teutoburger Wald. After presentation of the project and the results of the pilot testing tour the 14 participants discussed the usability and the applicability of the eDucational Box and the eMarketing Platform in regard to the main goals of the project and the (special and general) conditions of the model region.







The Italian EuBikers are attempting to test 3 cycling paths! The Assisi-Spoleto-Norcia route has been tested in November 2015 by the cyclists. In addition, workshops for cyclists and tourism providers have been conducted there and on the Grand Tour Terni path.



Meeting the tourism operators and Visit project

Città di Castello, Italy, 3 February 2016


EuBike meets the stakeholders aiming at developing together with the entreprises at local level, the Alto Tevere region, together with the Visit project.  EuBike could offer an added value, with the InFormation and Training through the platform, for the improvement of the Cycle tourism.



Meeting with Association LABASE

Terni, Italy, 8 February 2016


The aim is to valorise a Cycling Event in Mid April (which involves also other 4 regions in Italy) and thus testing the e-platforms.






Gran Fondo Carsulae

Sangemini, Italy, 10 April 2016


Participating with the with the association ASD LABASE Terni, to the promotion of the event. The idea of the cycletourists, supported by EuBike team, consists in making a permanent itinerary based on the event, which could be enjoyed by the locals and also cycletourists in all days of the year.



Artibike a city tour with e-bikes

Perugia, Italy, 17 April 2016


A cycling tour was promoted to the local community and tourists during the Fantacity event on 15-16-17th April where more than 1000 people participated, among schools, families, youngsters from 12-18 years.

Here more info:



1st Cycling tour on the Assisi-Norcia path

7th November 2015


The 1st Cycling tour was organized by Superficie 8 srl on 7th November 2015 on the Assisi-Norcia path. Part of the 102 km path, Starting from Campello sul Clitunno to Spoleto, has been awarded with the "Green Road Award" in September 2015.



Meeting with the tourism operators and the cycling association Spoleto


EuBike organises the Educational workshop for the tourism operators and the cycletourism in Spoleto “Become Ambassador of the Cycletourism in Umbria” on 12th November 2015 in Spoleto, for tourism operators (hotels, B&B, agritourism) dmo, cycletourism services providers, cycletourism associations.


Sharing and acquisition of competences and new skills, co-creation cycletourism products in Spoleto targeting families, thematic products as: Culture & biking, Umbria discovery on the Saints path!



Meeting with the tourism operators and the cycling association TERNI


EuBike organises the Educational workshop for the tourism operators and the cycletourism in Terni  “Become Ambassador of the Cycletourism in Umbria” on 19th November 2015 in Spoleto, for tourism operators (hotels, B&B, agritourism), DMO, cycletourism services providers, cycletourism associations.



1st Cycling tour with in Terni


EuBike organises its first tour in the Terni path on 6th December 2015, on the Grand Tour Rando path. A beautiful path in the nature and culture. It starts from Marmore Waterfall at 9.30, then Arrone and Pieduluco Lake, then back to the Marmore Waterfall. For more information:



1st Cycling tour with in Perugia


EuBike Cycling to work on 29th November 2015 with the Ciclofficina Popolare Porta Pesa. Bike to work. Starting at 10 cycling with Maria Grazia to work (the hospital) following the path that she does everyday and back with the minimetro. The objective is to motivate also other people to cycle to work.






The Swiss team began testing its itinerary back in September 2015. Two cycling tours were organized in the outskirts of Geneva, in cooperation with three local partners. The latter happily hosted the team and discussions pertaining to the mobile application and the web platforms, both developed for the EuBike project, were initiated.


The exploratory visit of the new path took place in June 2015
















Another tour of the Swiss cycling path took place in November 2015















The final event included a tour and a workshop with the cyclists and tourism providers, which took place in March 2016



Piloting Stories


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