Welcome to the sharing platform of EUBike. In this platform the learners can enhance their knowledge and skills and will be exposed to a series of learning materials to foster their competences on cyclotourism. The demand side, eMarketing Social Platform and App will help to convey informal learning experience about:

  • cycle path design in the everyday life (i.e. plan their cycle holidays);
  • meta reflection (learn to learn key competence) of the their cycle and tourism experience done through structured reviews;
  • experience sharing with other cycle tourists in order to strength cyclotourism market.

This platform aims to deliver an informal or semi-formal learning experience. A series of videos, newspapers’ articles and stories were collected from the web and from actual cycle tourists to help foster informal or semi-formal learning by (and for) tourists or cycle tourism associations. Besides having access to this training material the demand side will have the possibility of writing structured reviews that be used as informative and marketing tools for other tourist.

The platform, together with the APP allows the cyclotourists to search for touristic points of interest (PoI) in several areas within Europe. The major achievement of the platform and the APP is to connect cyclotourists with local actors and to promote the cyclotourism in Europe, improving networking skills and exchange of new experiences and competencies between stakeholders and cyclotourists.

This will help and foster the generation of a common ground among actors of the tourism ecosystem to facilitate the communication (supply-supply and supply-demand) but also the co-planning, co-creation and co-enhancement of tourism products.

The platform (eMarketing sharing platform) is available in Italian, German and French. Have a look through the available destinations (Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland) on the above tab and explore what they have to offer.

If you would like to contribute, please contact us on eubike@eubike.bike

We would be happy to receive your feedback on the platform and the mobile app. Please take a minute to fill out the questionnaire and help us improve our services:
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